freezecooper asked, "Another question! Is the space inbetween Donnie's teeth a missing tooth or a gap? It's a long running discussion/argument between me and my bf and I guess no one's better to ask than a professional! cx"

Well!  I can’t say I know the definitive answer, but I can give you some facts about that there gap!  I can tell you that most people that have a gap between their teeth usually have it happen right in the center between their two front teeth and Donnie’s gap is off to the right a little bit.  The turtles also don’t have any defined teeth, it’s just a long cartoon strip of white so there’s no way to tell if the gap is the size of an actual tooth!  It is, however, placed in such a way that if it were a missing tooth, it would be his left incisor.  I know the drawing that I just did it totally isn’t the same size of the other teeth haha but I am of the opinion that it’s a missing tooth, not a gap.  That’s just me though, not some official Nickelodeon statement hahaha

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stathampen asked, "I think Shady should work at Freddy's. She'd survive most likely. Probably. Possibly....good luck."

She would be one of them.

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gamajamas asked, "It's cute you're sticking with a Pacific Rim theme. When I eventually get a shiny Whimsicott I'm naming it Mako on account of the blue horns. What other PR-named pokemon ya got?"

aahh hehe that’s super cute!!

I only started with the pacrim theme for my IV bred/EV trained pokes so I’ve got: Gottlieb the Umbreon, Geiszler the Azumarill, Cherno Alpha the Tyranitar, Tendo the Heliolisk, Hannibal the Trevenant (cos his ability is Harvest huhuhu), Miss Mori the Florges, Knifehead the (shiny!) Haxorus, Tacit Ronin the Togekiss, Otachi the Kangaskhan (cos the baby comes out and fights too, I thought that was super clever) and of course Yamarashi and Newt! :Dc  I wanna breed an Aegislash and name it Gipsy Danger (because SWORD) and a Garchomp named Slattern 8>

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fangurley-personal asked, "How long did it take you to animate the Pokemon battling?"

(I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly! I usually keep answers private but I figure this might be a common query!)

I started roughing it out about a week ago and kept chipping away at it, then clean up and inbetweening took about three days so I’d say about… Gosh, 20 ish hours give or take?  Haha it’s weird adding it all up, it honestly didn’t seem like that long!

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splashlessdomains-deactivated20 asked, "The Great A'tuiin (Discworld) but as a ninja turtle 0_0 Your art is so cool! Thanks:)"


ok ok ok bear with me here

I started to draw that as a response but realized there was more potential

I get that A’tuin and the turtles are similar is a very particular way bUT

there’s also four elephants




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aisforinterval asked, "Hey NQN! How're Finch and Shady doing? They surviving the winter ok?"

They’re keeping themselves busy, thanks for askin!!

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eriiiiiiiiiiiiiik asked, "you look like (in the draws) sam from supernatural :3"


it keeps happening

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advocatingavian asked, "Hey Portal Fan, I think you might want to look up "Conversion" on Steam just in case you haven't heard... :D"

I did see!  I’m looking forward to it with cautious optimism haha since it’s not Valve that’s making it.  Though I am excited they’re implementing F-stop??  I’ve always been curious about what that was gonna be *0*

I was never a fan of the whole Portal 3 idea in game form (Blue Sky is forever canon Portal 3 for me heehe) and was always behind the idea that if they were to ever to make another game then a prequel would be the way to go and this is basically gonna be Portal 1.5 soooOOOO HEY I’M STOKED, gimme dem puzzlesss

Edit: For those not yet in the know

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baysalt asked, "cutest layout, cutest tumblr user c:"


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notzackmerrick asked, "What does a nosy pepper do? It gets jalapeño business! :D"


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Could it be??? More anon asks! I hope this works cos I saved this as a draft before the layout change and editing drafts is all kinds of broken now.  Fingers crossed


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So many anon asks!!  Where are you all coming from *~~~*

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Heeyy, howabout some anon asks!


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Well gee it’s been a while since ANON ASKS…!

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Seems about time for more anon asks under the cut~

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