What tag could I search on your tumblr to see more about these guys? I’m new here, but they look really stinkin’ fun. =)

aahh I’m so glad you think so!!  These guys are Finch and Shady and they’re part of a story I’ve been workin on on and off for a lot of years now called Not Quite Normal, hence the username haha!  It’s about friendship and learning aaaand time travel.

I’m still trying to figure out what kind of format to tell my story in (and still trying to figure out how to tell the story itself!) but a few comics that I’ve done can be found here and everything else I put in my nqn tag! c:

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hugobdesigner replied to your photo “Happy mother’s day!!” “Aw Shady it’s not— ahh thanks buddy” Happy…”

AMAZING! I love your art! Technical question, though: how did Shady drew that? With her mouth, her paw or connected to a robot arm via USB?

ahh!  Her lil blue paw bits can detatch and fold over so that she can use her more dexterous toes instead of big ol mitts!  Like so

Doesn’t mean she always uses em though


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we’re all still here FOREVERRRRR

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i think about your witch doctor flash animation like once every other month just fyi

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YAY YOU DID IT!! isn’t it magical how close you get to your pokemens especially in this game ;_;

I FEEL A DEEP SPIRITUAL CONNECTION TO THEM, I’ve had that Vaporeon and Lugia since SoulSilver ;~~~; I sooooo didn’t even wanna transfer them from SS cos I knew I’d never be able to go back but then when I petted their lil faces in amie I knew I made the right decision

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toonskribblez replied to your post: poorlittlemohawk asked:you look l…

You look more like Arin from Game Grumps to me.

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I very much enjoy your pacific rim themed pokemon names

thank u

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justonepurpose replied to your post “Friend Codes!!”

Ditto? *spoiler* You know you can catch those in the Pokemon Forest, right?

Yes, thank you!  I’m just tryin to breed pokes right now so I need a buncha dittos with perfect IVs, which, pokemon in the friend safari all have 2-3 perfect IVs!  So I’d just like to have a lil army of dittos instead of always having to catch males of the same egg groups of the pokes I’m tryin to breed :D  It’s no big thang, would just make my life a little easier hahaha


And thanks so much for all your friend codes!!  I think I got everybody c: You can keep sending them to me if you want!  Again, mine’s 4141-2634-7533 c:

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is it good? because it just looks like open water with a really good budget, but the reviews are excellent

I HONESTLY REALLY don’t know if I liked it??  I’m sorry I’m a terrible film critic haha, like… I got emotionally invested and when it was over I just sat there like aaaAAHHHHHH and it was really stressful and scary and well done and would definitely still be that way if I were to watch it again, but if given the option, I wouldn’t want or feel the need to.  Which is more of a personal thing!  Just not my favourite kind of movie I guess.  It was a beautiful film though, very well done and amazingly acted, a very nice piece of art, and super suspenseful.  So if you like that kinda thing, then YEAH it was good!!  Worth seeing in the theatre.

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They look great NQN. :3 it’d be interesting to see them animated again *hoping*

I’m planning on it!

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kobbers said: SHOOT the long video got axed by youtube before I could get there! So rad though, thanks for sharing :D

ahh nuts!!  Looks like YouTube called a copyright claim on it. D8  eep, sorry about that!

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sdg you animated leo’s infuriatingly adorable bartering face NOW I KNOW WHO TO BLAME

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how does 3d animation for tv work? :D did you have to animate all the character in your given scene or did you focus on one character for multiple ones?

We’re given whole scenes and have to animate all the characters in that scene. 8)  Mostly each animator gets whole sequences but sometimes those sequences have to get split up to make sure everyone gets an equal amount of action/acting scenes!

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